View the Surveys Tab
  • 25 Jan 2024
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View the Surveys Tab

Article Summary

The Surveys tab allows you to view the full results of the program surveys participants take within the Partnership Path as well as a summary of key metrics such as the Coach NPS and Coach Satisfaction Score. Follow these steps to access the Surveys tab for an overall program or individual cohort. You can also reference more information about the metrics included within the Surveys tab at a glance.

Access the Surveys tab

Step 1

From the left-hand navigation, click Programs. Select your program.

Step 2

If you want to report on surveys within an overall program, click the Program surveys tab.

If you want to report on surveys within a specific cohort, select the cohort, then click the Cohort surveys tab.

NOTE: You'll only see data for the cohorts you have access to. For example, if you have access to one out of five cohorts within a program, both the Program surveys and Cohort surveys tabs will reflect responses from participants in that cohort only.

Step 3

In the Survey results section, you'll see the Coach NPS and Coach Satisfaction Score

Coach NPS and Coach Satisfaction Scores

Here you'll also see Coachee Feedback.

NOTE: From the Program surveys tab, you can click Filter in the top-right if you want to view survey data for specific cohorts from there.

To view the full results of a specific survey, scroll down to the Partnership surveys section and select the survey. A side panel will open on the right with the results. To download the survey results, click Export CSV at the top.

Metrics at a glance

Survey Results

Coach NPS

The average score among all participants representing their willingness to recommend a coach. Coach NPS is based on responses to the "On a scale from 1 to 10, I would recommend my coach to a friend looking for coaching" question within the Coaching Experience Survey and Coaching Impact Survey.

  • Only the latest response from each participant is used in the calculation, and responses older than 6 months are not included.

  • No score will show until at least 1 response has been collected.

  • Learn more about how Coach NPS is calculated.

Coach Satisfaction Score

The average score among all participants used to evaluate coach satisfaction. Coach Satisfaction Score is based on responses to four questions within the Coaching Experience Survey: "My coach communicates responsively between sessions, schedules proactively, and shows up on time," "I enjoy working with my coach," "I feel supported by my coach," and "My coach helps me work toward my goals."

Coachee Feedback

Anonymous written responses submitted by participants, ordered from newest to oldest. The participant feedback is gathered from the "What's the most significant thing you have learned in coaching so far? How have you applied it to your work or life?" question in the Coaching Impact Survey.

  • Feedback will not appear until the first Coaching Impact Survey is launched, typically in month five of a program. 

  • No feedback will show until at least 1 response has been collected.

Partnership Surveys

The Partnership surveys section provides more information on the surveys participants have completed throughout their Partnership Paths. For each survey, you can view the path template and section the survey is included in, and the number and percentage of participants who responded.

Once the minimum number of required responses threshold for a particular survey has been met, you can click the survey to view the full results. 

NOTE: When viewing survey results at the program level, the results will only include cohorts that have met the minimum response requirement threshold. For example, let's consider a survey with a 5 response minimum requirement. If participants in Cohort A have submitted 10 responses for that survey and participants in Cohort B have submitted 2 responses, only the data from Cohort A will show within the program level results for that survey.

From the drill down view, you'll see the percentage and number of participants who have completed the survey, not completed the survey, or have the survey upcoming in their path. You'll also be able to view the overall responses to each survey question as well as the names of the path participants, their scheduled survey dates, and if they have completed the survey or not. If a participant has completed the survey, the completion date will be displayed.

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