Getting Started for Admins
  • 10 Jan 2024
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Getting Started for Admins

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New to managing a Torch Coaching Program? Fast track your return on investment by completing the items outlined below.

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Define Metrics for Success

Define your metrics for success

To help you identify your program goals, brainstorm qualitative and quantitative answers to this question: "How will I measure the success of this program?" Consider responses for both one month and six months or more after the program launch. For a look ahead at how to assess the success of your program, check out Getting Started with Reporting.
Develop a Communication Plan

Develop a communication plan

Ensuring your stakeholders and participants are continually informed and excited is crucial to reducing friction and increasing engagement with your coaching program. To jumpstart your communications planning, review our best practices and curated library of communications templates, customizable for your unique program.
Select Program Participants

Select your program participants

The success of your coaching program is is dependent on who is included, how they're chosen, and their willingness to engage. Design your participant selection process, then use it determine who will be a part of your program.
Launch Your Program

Launch your program

After the program kickoff, ensure participants have accepted their invites, completed their match profile, and scheduled their first meetings with their coaches. Include a link to our Getting Started with Torch Coaching quick-start guide in your follow-up email. Want to share more info specific to your organization and program? Use our customizable template as a starting point.
Manage Action Items

Manage action items

Keep your program on track by reviewing action items early and often. These alerts help you identify participants who are behind on program tasks and allow you to address them individually or in bulk, all in one place.

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