Note: Coachees will be able to use this feature only if/after their administrator has configured it for their organization.

Note: Your Zoom email must match the Torch system email, which is the same as your notification email that can be edited in your settings.

  1. Log in to the Torch People Development Platform, navigate to your coaching partnership path; click the Sessions tab.

  2. Click Switch to Zoom. Note: You can also click Video settings.

3. Select Zoom as your default video option; click Save.

4. Click Video Settings if you want to confirm Zoom is now your default video setting or change your default video setting to the Torch video solution, powered by Twilio.

Note: Changing your default video setting will affect all future sessions you schedule. Your existing sessions, and any reschedules on those sessions, will use the video setting designated when the session was originally scheduled.

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