Call quality can be impacted by several factors, primarily network and computer quality. Below are some tips and tricks for improving the quality of your Torch Video calls. Also, we recommend using our diagnostic tool if you ever encounter problems connecting to or during your calls.

Check your connection speed

Internet network connection speed is one of the most important factors for a seamless experience. In Torch calls, you will see a network quality indicator for each participant.

If the indicator consistently drops below 4 bars, we recommend that you:

  • Run an internet speed test using a tool such as While the video platform only requires 2+Mbps connections, the higher your connection speed, the better.

  • Try moving closer to your router. Especially with older equipment, your proximity can make a large impact.

  • Wired internet connections tend to be faster and more reliable than WiFi. If you can, try plugging your computer into a wired internet connection.

Check your CPU usage

Call quality is mostly impacted by the speed of your internet connection, but also by the power and usage of your CPU.

  • Close other applications (and tabs) that may be using CPU or internet bandwidth during your call.

  • If using a laptop, plugging into a monitor may put unnecessary strain on your machine.

  • Avoid screen sharing unnecessarily

Always remember to update

  • Make sure your browser is up to date. For example, Chrome will show an update button in the top right of your browser when it is time to update. Overall, we recommend you use a modern browser such as Chrome or Edge.

  • It is also important to make sure your computer is up to date. This could include manufacturer provided updates, OS upgrades, and even replacing equipment when the processor ages.

  • WiFi equipment can also have a large impact on network quality. If you have not updated this equipment recently, you could be paying for network speeds unachievable with that equipment! Check with your provider if they offer this free of charge.

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