Organizations have the option to require employees to use email aliases and synonymized names when registering for the Torch platform


  • If this feature is enabled, it is likely that authentication with single sign-on (SSO) and/or Google authenticator will not function.

  • The synonyms used should be reasonably identifiable by coaches (for scheduling purposes) and colleagues whom the user may invite for feedback.

    • Given that, “Jane Doe” is likely not a sufficient alias. However, “Susan M” is likely sufficient if the client’s first name is Susan, and her last name begins with the letter “M”.

  • The email alias should be a working email, preferably linked to the employee’s calendar application, as the Torch platform relies heavily on email notifications and calendaring.

  • Users may choose to update their profile information in a way that defeats this policy. However, organization administrators will have access to audit profile settings via the Team Dashboard feature.

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