Google Calendar

With Google-based calendars when the scheduled coach session confirmation email lands in your Gmail inbox Gmail will recognize the calendar invite (.ics) and automatically add it to your Google calendar.

If the events are not auto-populating on your calendar this can usually be turned on in a setting in Google Calendar unless it is restricted or managed by your organization's IT policies in Google Workspace.

  1. Go to your calendar settings by clicking on the gear icon.

  2. In your Settings go to Event Settings and under Automatically add invitations set this to Yes

    This is the standard setting to have events added to your calendar automatically in Google from email.

Manually adding a Torch session with .ics file

If you need to add an event from a .ics file to your Google calendar, open your Calendar settings and select Import & export. Under Import select the .ics file you have downloaded, choose the calendar on your account you want the event to show on, and click Import.

You can always download the .ics file for a coach session from your Sessions page in the Torch platform by clicking on the Add to calendar link for the session.

You can also accept the invite in the email notification in Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook, Office365

Depending on the version of Outlook and the service you can also automatically add calendar invites to your calendar.

See this Microsoft help article for the most up-to-date instructions for your situation.

Automatically add events from your email to your calendar

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