In a coaching engagement, there may be times in which a third party should be invited to a session. Most commonly, this can occur with stakeholder meetings (where a coachee's manager is invited to a session) or co-founder coaching (where a coach is working with two coachee's simultaneously).

In order to support these cases, the Torch platform allows coaches to invite additional participants when scheduling the meeting. Meetings can have a maximum of 5 participants, inclusive of the coach and coachee.

To invite an additional participant, the coach should go to schedule a session as usual. In the scheduling modal, a new field is available: Invite additional participants.

Set the meeting details as usual and then add the email for the additional participant(s). Once all the details are properly configured, click "Create Session"

From here, the coach and coachee will receive invites as usual. The additional participant will also receive an invite email:

Notes and exceptions:

  • Additional participants will not be on the same calendar event as coach/coachee, but receive their own invite.

  • External participant RSVP updates are not sent at this time.

  • It is not currently possible to add an email participant to an existing coach session. If you would like to add one, we recommend to cancel the existing session and reschedule it with the additional participant included.

  • Additional participants can only be removed from a coach session by the Torch team. Contact support if this is required. The additional participant will not receive an automatic cancellation notice so they should be informed to remove the invite from their calendars manually.

  • If additional participants already have a Torch account, the session will not appear on their dashboard. In this case, they should be directed to join from the calendar invite/email.

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