To understand where your participants are in the coaching enrollment process, you can review the "Current Enrollment Stage" chart and the "Participant Enrollment Report" table.

Current Enrollment Stage

This chart provides a current total count, based on live data, of how many participants are in each stage of the enrollment process.

The chart is impacted by any filters you have applied to the overall dashboard.

Hover over the bar to see the exact count.

Participant Enrollment Report

The table will show any participant who has been invited to Torch coaching, and details about when they completed each stage of the enrollment process.

Hover over the top right corner for more options, including downloading the data and applying filters to the table. Learn more about these capabilities here.

Date definitions:

  • Invite Sent: When a participant was first invited to join the Torch coaching platform. Resending an invitation does not impact this date.

  • Account Created: When a participant accepted the invite and created an account on the Torch coaching platform.

  • Completed Match Survey: When a participant has completed all parts of their match survey and are ready to be matched.

  • Coach Bios Sent: When a participant received their coach recommendations in the Torch platform.

  • Paired with a Coach: When a coach is assigned to a participant and an engagement is created. All participants who have an engagement with a coach assigned will fall into the count for this stage from this date onward, and will also now show up in the "Engagement Report" table on the dashboard.

Some helpful tips:

  • If a participant has been invited but not yet created an account, their name will be blank because we have not yet collected it.

  • If a participant has had a coach reassignment, the original dates will show in the table. This is a known point of confusion and the product team is working to improve clarity.

  • There are some situations where a participant has been paired with a coach, but for some reason did not complete a matching survey or receive coach choices within the Torch platform. For example, if a particular coach was already pre-identified for the participant before starting with Torch. In these situations, there will be a date in the "Paired with Coach Date" column, and the participants stage will be "Paired with Coach"; but you may see that the "Completed Match Survey" and "Coach Bios Sent" columns accurately remain blank.

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