Known issues

Note: at this time, all known issues have been resolved. If you continue to experience problems, please complete the steps here and, download your report results, and send the attachment to

Reduced quality/frequent disconnections

  • Status: resolved. Please confirm your connection here.

  • Workaround: Issues relate to low-connection strength handling. Ways to improve your internet connection are outlined here.

What else can we help you with?

Video quality & permissions

Other common questions

I'm having trouble connecting. What should I do?

  1. Check for blocked pop-ups. Your browser may be asking for permissions there.

  2. Review the documentation below for your particular browser. Note: Internet Explorer and older versions of Edge are not supported. We recommend Chrome.

  3. Make sure your mic and camera are authorized. You will not be able to join without this. If you see this error message, you will need to follow these steps.

How can I improve the call quality?

Call quality is mostly impacted by the speed of your internet connection, but also by the power and usage of your CPU.

  • Make sure your browser is up to date, ex: Chrome

  • Run an internet speed test using a tool such as While the video platform only requires 2+Mbps connections, the higher your connection speed, the better.

  • Wired internet connections tend to be faster and more reliable than WiFi. If you can, try plugging your computer into a wired internet connection.

  • Close other applications (and tabs) that may be using CPU or internet bandwidth during your call.

  • Avoid screen sharing unnecessarily

My microphone, camera, or screen sharing isn't working. What can I do?

You may need to enable or change permission settings on your computer/browser. You can review the steps for your particular browser below. Tip: check for any blocked pop-ups as your browser may be asking for permissions there!

Tip: when speaking, the microphone icon will turn green if it can hear you. This may help to determine if the issue is one users input or another's output!

Also, remember to click "Settings" and check that the system has selected the camera and audio device(s) you prefer to use.

I accidentally denied permissions for my microphone, camera or screen sharing. What do I do now?

You can change permission settings on your computer/browser using these steps:

Security software or policies are preventing me from accessing the camera and microphone in my browser.

In some cases, there may be security software that is preventing access to the camera or microphone through the browser. Some common security methods are:

  • URL isolation: Third party links that come through email or Calendar invites like the meeting links for your video session get a wrapper to sandbox them guarding you against nefarious links. You meeting links should have one of the following formats
    - https://<company-subdomain><meeting-id>
    - https://<company-subdomain><meeting-id>
    If the links have been modified you may also see a banner across the top of the screen indicating that the URL is being isolated. the best way to avoid this is to log in directly to Torch and join your session from the Join session or by navigating directly to

  • Managed browser or computer policy: With this type of security this is controlled by your companies IT security team and may require escalating to have the Torch sites whitelisted from these policies if possible. See our URL and IP whitelisting doc.

A phone number I don't recognize joined the meeting

Some coachees may use 3rd-party software that automatically joins and records meetings (particularly those in a sales or customer facing role). If you see a seemingly anonymous number join a session, first check if any participant is using such software. If so, Torch should be added to that software's exclusion list. If not, please email and report this behavior ASAP.

Do I need to install any software like Zoom?

No! The Torch video is just a new tab in your browser. There is no application you will need to install as long as you have a modern browser.

What browsers are supported?

Torch video supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you're having trouble on one of these, we recommend updating to the most recent version, particularly for Edge.

Do video meetings work on mobile?

While we don't recommend mobile for the best meeting experience, if you do need to join on the go, for Android use Chrome or Firefox and for iOS, use Safari. Torch video is not supported on the Everwise mobile application at this time. And as always, you can use the back up dial in phone number provided with your meeting.

When can I enter the meeting room?

The meeting room will open 15 minutes before the start time. You can join the meeting room at any time between 15 minutes before the start time until the end time. Closing the window or tab does not impact this logic, you can still join during that time without impact to session logging.

Will I be kicked out of the room at the meeting end time?

No, if your meeting runs long, you will not be automatically removed from the room up until 4 hours after the meeting end time. However, if you leave the room, you cannot re-join after the meeting end time.

I accidentally closed the tab/window. What do I do?

If you are still during the meeting window, just use the link in the calendar event to re-open the page and you will be able to re-join the meeting. Session logging will count all time you are present in the meeting room, even if you leave the room in the middle of the meeting.

Is my meeting being recorded?

No, the meeting is not being recorded. You may see a record-like icon in your browser, but this is to represent that your video and screen sharing are enabled, not that your meeting is being recorded.

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