Torch coaching within Everwise will be mostly familiar to you, with the same tabs and features per engagement, but also with a few new features and updates. These include:

Updated homepage and navigation

  • Clients page. The original Torch coach dashboard can be found by clicking "My clients" in the Everwise header bar. Clicking the client name will take them to the client's "path" as described below.

  • Updated homepage. Each engagement will have its own coaching "Path" on the right sidebar of the Everwise dashboard, replacing the home view in Torch.

  • Coaching metrics & capacity: Open your Everwise profile. Click on the Coaching settings tab

  • Coaching availability: Open your Everwise profile. Click on the Coaching settings tab and then Calendar settings. You can also navigate to settings and select "Coaching availability settings". Note: "Advanced calendar settings" generally do not apply to coaches, only "Coaching availability settings"

  • Updating profile: Open and edit your Everwise profile. Coach matching profile information can be found in the Coaching settings tab of your profile.

New features and resources

New login page

To log in to the new experience as a coach, navigate to There you should see a screen like this, where you can sign in with your Torch Google account.

If you see something like the below instead, take the following steps:

  1. Click this link: OR hover over your profile icon and click "Log out"

  2. Next, click

    1. If you are taken directly into the application, try to log out again

    2. If you see the correct login screen, proceed with logging in

    3. If you still see the incorrect login screen, you will need to clear your Torch and Everwise cookies and then try the link again. Some links that may help if you're unsure how to do so.


Why should coaches use instead of As new features are rolled out, they will be part of the "path" tab, which is not available in the legacy Torch application. If you use the Everwise platform, you will immediately know which engagements have access to these new features and which do not.

I'm getting a 400 error. What should I do? If you see a "Cookie too large" error, clear your cookies and try logging in to again.

How can I see sessions for all of my clients? On any view of Torch sessions, you can use the drop down to select "All Clients"

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