If you have not already synced a calendar, when you login you will see a reminder:

You can click the ‘click here’ link or navigate manually to your account settings.

You’ll see a section under your Profile for "Calendar Settings" with the option to setup your Calendar Connection

Clicking Link Calendar will send you to the linking page.

You can use any of these providers to link calendars. We recommend you start by first linking your Torch Google calendar. Calendar syncing will only be used to show availability as free/busy, no one will be able to see any details of your calendar events.

To link your Torch Google calendar, choose Google from the provider list. It will ask you to agree to terms of service, choose the Google account you wish to link, and allow permissions.

Once you have finished syncing all relevant calendars, click the "back" button on the bottom of the page to return to your Torch settings.

Once a calendar has been synced, you need to configure your availability.

Use the calendar layout to set what hours you are regularly available/not available.

Beneath that there are some more fields you can set to manage when a client can schedule a session.

If you need to adjust which of your calendars are synced, you can click "Update" next to ‘Calendar Connected’ to add or remove calendars connected to your account.

Please be sure to click "Preview Availability" to confirm your configurations and availability show as intended.

If you disagree with the availability displayed, you may want to check if:

  • "Included calendars" pulls from more calendars than you intended. If so, simply de-select those calendars

  • One or many of your calendars may have all day events set to "busy" instead of "free" time on your calendar provider

  • Reach out to help@torch.io for additional support

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