The Admin Dashboard is available for users who have Administrative privileges. All users with visibility of the Admin dashboard will see the same information.

From your home page, select Programs and then the Torch Coaching card

Participants tab

The Participants tab is an embedded dashboard with information about all individuals in your organization who are participant in Torch coaching. This data refreshes on a near-real-time basis.


Use the filter toolbar at the top to apply the following filters to the dashboard, as desired:

  • Torch Customer Cohort: Filter on the cohort(s) you'd like to include

  • Torch User Status: Filter to include active, inactive, and/or pending participants. Exclude inactive and pending to see only your current active users.

  • Torch Engagement Status: Filter to include participants in active, inactive, and/or paused engagements.

Note: Some users may be active users (i.e. have access to the platform) but no longer have an active coaching engagement.


  • "Total Participants" provides a count of all participants currently included in your filtered dashboard.

  • "Average Minutes / Month" averages the "minutes used per month" of the participants, and indicates the average coaching minutes your participants are engaging in.

  • "Growth Velocity Distribution" shows how many participants are standing, walking, running, or sprinting in terms of their engagement and progress. See more information about how Growth Velocity is calculated, and how these categories are defined here.

  • "Coach Feedback" is the coach satisfaction score taken from post-session surveys, and is on a 1-5 scale.

  • "NPS", or Net Promoter Score, is a defined standard metric calculated as [100*(# of promoters in a sample - # of detractors in a sample)/(# of responses in sample )]. Promoters and detractors are identified by the standard definitions on a 1-10 scale through the NPS question in post-session participant surveys, with 0-6 being detractors, 7-8 being passive, and 9-10 being promoters.

Enrollment Reporting

Learn more about the Current Enrollment Stage chart and the Participant Enrollment Report here.

Engagement Report

The Engagement Report table shows a variety of useful information associated with individuals participating in coaching, including information about:

  • Progress onboarding onto the platform and beginning their coaching engagement

  • Session metrics

  • 360 and Learning Goal progress

  • Coach satisfaction and NPS

  • Growth Velocity

Download this report to csv by hovering over the table, clicking the three lines icon, and selecting "download data."

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