To create a Torch learning goal, navigate to the "Learning Goals" tab in your coaching view.

  1. Click "Set a New Goal" in the top right corner or click "Create goal" on one of the suggested learning goals.

2. If you clicked "Set a New Goal," select the leadership domain for your goal.

3. Complete the form and click "Continue"

4. If you've chosen to receive feedback from colleagues, choose the statements you would like to receive feedback on. You can choose 1-3 statements, from a selection provided or create your own statements. Once you make your selections, click "Continue."

5. Input the email addresses of those you would like feedback from and choose their relationship to you. Once you've added all feedback providers, click "Save & view invite message."

6. Add any introductory text you would like included with the feedback invitation and click “Send invitations.” This will automatically send feedback requests based on the cadence you select, starting from the date you save your goal. Your goal will automatically trigger feedback requests to those listed on the cadence you set when creating the goal.

Want feedback now? You can trigger a feedback request immediately by clicking the “Request Feedback Now” button from within the learning goal. Just add any introductory text you would like included and click “Send feedback request.”

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