In order for your 360 to be released 1 of 3 criteria must be met.

  • You must have completed your Self assessment AND All colleagues have responded.

  • At least 5 colleagues have responded AND 14 days have passed since your 360 was initialized.

  • 21 days have passed.

Once one of these criteria have been met your Coach will have the ability to release your 360. You can determine along with your Coach if you would prefer to wait for additional feedback responses if you still have non-responders.

Once a 360 has been released non-responders will no longer be able to provide feedback. No further changes to your self assessment or additional feedback providers may be added. This is to preserve the anonymity of the feedback providers.

By default a new 360 will be initialized after 6 months however your Coach may be able to request a new round of the 360 be initialized sooner provided your engagement allows it.

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