From your dashboard select Invite Colleagues To Give Feedback. If you have already invited feedback providers you will be able to see if individual feedback providers have completed your feedback request.

  • Fill in the email addresses and relationship to the feedback providers. Use the + icon to add more fields. Depending on the 360 configuration for your organization there is a minimum and maximum number of feedback providers required. In some cases only internal feedback providers are allowed. In this case only email addresses that match the organizations email domain will be accepted.

  • When you have completed inputting feedback providers select Save & view invite message.

  • A standard message will go out to your feedback providers, you can include an additional message to further communicate to your feedback providers. This can be used to explain your participation in Torch coaching as well as a more personal ask for their participation in your 360 assessment.

  • When you are ready select Send invitations to send your feedback requests.

  • From this page you can see who has responded and Resend to non-responders to send additional reminders to those who have yet to fill out your 360 survey.

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