What should I check for before releasing the 360 to my client? 

Once a 360 is released, it cannot be "unreleased", so it's important to ensure the following conditions are met / considered prior to releasing the results:

  1. Did all the invited colleagues respond? If not, you can suggest your client give the remaining invitees a personal reminder in addition to those sent automatically by Torch.

  2. Did the Manager submit feedback? In most cases it is essential that the Manager's feedback is included in the Results. If the Manager has not responded after a reasonable time and reminders from the client, please reach out to cs@torch.io for support.

  3. Were enough colleagues invited (we recommend a minimum of 5 but encourage as many as possible to ensure robust feedback)? 

  4. Were key stakeholders invited (eg manager, direct reports, etc)?  If not, the client can add new respondents at any time until results are released.

  5. In cases where many weeks have passed and one or two people have still not responded despite multiple reminders, the coach and client may decide to close out the 360 in the interests of moving the process along. Note that this should only happen if the remaining respondents are not key stakeholders (eg manager).

  6. Did you check the written feedback for any inflammatory or attacking language? If you find comments that may be detrimental to the client's wellbeing, please let us know. In such circumstances we can remove those comments before release where in the best interests of the client. 

How do I release 360 results to my client? 

Once all the above factors are met, you may release the results to your client. To do so, simply click the button on your dashboard to enable the results. The 360 results will immediately appear on the client’s dashboard.

Should I release the results before or during a session with my client? 

We recommend releasing the results during a session. This allows you to support and guide them to process the information in a constructive way. You can have them log in to their Torch account and review the results together on a video call. You may ask them to read each section in increments, asking them questions like:

What stands out to you about this feedback?
What do you notice?
What feels most true?
What is surprising?
What is hard to hear?
What are you curious about?

You can begin with strengths as a foundation for the harder, constructive feedback. You can filter the results to show only hidden strengths, or hidden opportunities.

Don’t feel that you have to rush through all of the feedback in one session. You may set homework for the client to review certain sections and note the three main themes, etc. You may also return to the 360 results at any time during the coaching process.

What if I find inflammatory or attacking language in the 360? Should I release it anyway?

No! Please review the results carefully before releasing them, to make sure there is no sensitive or inflammatory information that may be detrimental to the client. 

Note that this is different from candid, constructive feedback that may be perceived by the client as negative - but which is overall useful for their growth as a leader. It is the coach’s role to support the client to digest this feedback, and use it to fuel their growth and goals.

If you find inflammatory language in a 360, or you are unsure about a particular comment, please reach out to christina@torch.io.  If necessary, we can remove such statements from the 360.

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