The intent of Learning Goals (as with the rest of the Torch platform) is to preserve the privacy of the client as much as possible, with the intent of promoting a safe environment for growth.   

As such, very little information regarding Learning Goals is shared beyond the coach. 

What may be shared beyond the coach

The Learning Goals System is centered around the collection of feedback from colleagues.  As such, when a "Feedback Provider" is invited to a Learning Goal, they will see both the  Domain of the Learning Goal, and will of course see the assessment "statements" that comprise the goal, so they can provide feedback on them. 

Administrators of the overall Torch program at an organization (perhaps representatives from People Ops or HR) have access to limited information.  This is: 

  • The goal's existence and its leadership domain

  • A very coarse indication of "Growth Velocity" (The possible values are simply: "Standing", "Walking", "Running," "Sprinting")

  • The number of open or completed actions in a time period

The primary intent of sharing such information is to accurately yet safely convey the degree of progress that leaders are achieving.

What is NOT shared beyond the coach

All other information about the Learning Goal is private.  This includes: 

  • Title and Description

  • Actions associated with the goal

  • Feedback associated with the goal (whether quantitative ratings or written feedback)

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