Scheduling FAQ

Sessions are not showing up on my calendar

In order for the calendar event to display on your calendar in most cases, you will need to open the confirmation email and accept the invite. Depending on your email provider, you may need to open the attached .ics file to add it to the calendar. If you are not seeing an event on your calendar, the event may not have been added properly. Check your email for the scheduling confirmation and try adding it manually from there.

Will changes to a calendar event on my calendar sync to the Torch app?

No, changes made to calendar events do not sync with the Torch app. This includes changing the date or time as well as declining or deleting an event. All changes to a coach session should be made through the Torch sessions page.

How can I join sessions?



  2. Found in calendar events & reminder emails

  3. The “Join” button in the header of the dashboard

Do I need to be logged in to the Torch app to join sessions?

Yes. If you are not logged in to Torch, you will be prompted to sign in:

Quick Overview

Scheduling sessions with your coach

  • See instructions here.

Need to join a meeting last second?

Joining a Session

  • You can join sessions through the link:, or the “Join” button within the app. 

  • If there is a meeting coming up soon (15min), the button will be active and lead to the correct video meeting.

  • This link is present in many places, including the calendar event (in your personal calendar), and reminder emails.

  • The “Join” button is always visible in the header section of the app. 

  • You must be signed in to the Torch web application for the link to correctly launch the video meeting. You will be prompted to log in to your Torch account if necessary.

  • Each session uses a different video link & meeting ID (behind the scenes).

  • Generally, you should not have to worry about these links.

Managing Sessions

  • View and manage your sessions via the “sessions” tab within your coaching path

Rescheduling a Session

  • If you need to reschedule, or your coach schedules a session for a time you can’t make, you can use the “Reschedule” button, which first cancels the session, and then allows you to schedule a new session:

Session information

  • Session calendar events (found in your personal calendar) are managed by Torch. 

  • The coach and coachee share the same calendar event (Torch is the owner).

  • Once you schedule a session, an event invite will be sent to you and your coach’s calendar email. Some email providers may not automatically add these to your calendar.

  • Invites, notifications, and reminders will come as emails to both the coachee and coach. 

  • An example invitation:

  • Multiple future sessions:  These are created one-by-one in the Torch system. They will all be reflected in the Torch calendar and coachee & coach personal calendars

Changes to sessions

  • Changes to events should be made via the Torch platform.  

Recurring Sessions

  • Recurring session scheduling will allow you and your coach to set up a standing meeting time, or sessions that repeat a number of times.   

  • Currently, only your Coach is able to schedule a recurring session series. Work with your Coach if you would like to set up a recurring session.

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