Torch Leadership Assessment Domains
  • 14 Sep 2022
  • 2 Minutes to read

Torch Leadership Assessment Domains

Note: This article details the Torch Leadership Assessment domains. Your organization may have chosen to create its own 360 with customized domains and questions. 

The Torch Leadership Assessment uses the following domains to assess an individual’s leadership effectiveness and potential.



Authentic leaders stay true to their personal values across a wide range of situations. These leaders consider others’ opinions but always incorporate their own sense of self into their choices and decisions.

Sample sentence: My actions reflect my core values.


You can count on reliable leaders to lead by example when it comes to fulfilling commitments and meeting deadlines. These leaders deliver quality work on schedule.

Sample sentence: I follow through on my promises and commitments.


Leaders should strive to balance the demands of their professional and private lives, to take care of their basic needs. Balanced leaders show greater resilience at work and are at a lower risk of burnout.

Sample sentence: I maintain a healthy work/life balance.



A present leader pays close attention to their colleagues and actively listens when someone is speaking to them. Present leaders foster a sense of attention and safety that helps their team to feel heard and valued.

Sample sentence: I consistently give my full attention to the person or topic at hand.


A perceptive leader is aware of the thoughts and feelings of those around them. They react in a helpful way when colleagues are uncomfortable, stressed or overwhelmed.

Sample sentence: I notice when a colleague is upset, even if they don't say anything.


A receptive leader graciously accepts feedback and differing opinions. When leaders are approachable and receptive, they foster an open environment and signal a willingness to consider new perspectives. They value the perspectives of others as they work towards personal improvement.

Sample sentence: I address constructive feedback by changing my behavior for the better.


Compassionate leaders internalize the emotional states of their colleagues, actively reach out and offer help when appropriate. They care about their colleagues as complete people, which builds trust and a sense of camaraderie.

Sample sentence: My heart goes out to colleagues who are unhappy.


Note: In the case where domains related to managing a team are not relevant for you, your organization may have chosen not to include the following domain areas in your assessment.


Leaders with strong cultivation take an interest in their colleagues’ personal development. They help both teams and individuals push past their comfort zones to grow and achieve their professional goals. Cultivation leads to both individual and organizational growth.

Sample sentence: I help my team members reach their full potential.


Good leaders create structure for their teams so everyone knows the broader team goals and what is individually expected of them. Structured leaders provide specific goals and timelines to keep everyone on the same page. This allows for accountability on both the individual and team levels.

Sample sentence: I communicate our team's mission clearly.


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